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Emiliabox offers a selection of products “Made in Emilia” in packages and sizes designed and manufactured to get a taste of the excellent food of our region. Try the scents, tastes and flavours with friends or family.

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Of all the different versions of Emiliabox, the “Delizia” can be ordered through this page. Each “Delizia” Emiliabox contains:

/ Parmigiano Reggiano – 250g
/ Balsamic vinegar – 10ml
/ Parmigiano Reggiano snacks – 50g
/ Strolghino salami – 150g
/ Pork greaves – 80g
/ Zucchella plum jam – 100g
/ Noodles pie – 80g

Cost of “Delizia” Emiliabox: € 40.00 each. (Excluding VAT)
Freight costs: in relation to the destination address
Delivery time: 3-5 working days (EU)

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