Emiliabox is a selection of high quality food produced by the best Emilian farms. It is a comprehensive experience of traditional flavours ready to be enjoyed in an exclusive package.

The product was born from the idea of Eatbit, coinciding with Expo 2015, to create a welcome package for those who were passing by Reggio Emilia and wanted to taste something special of our excellence tradition.

Emiliabox1   Emiliabox2

With Emiliabox, we started to bring the Emilian culinary culture – but mostly Reggiana, beyond regional and national borders, through the distribution and resale of the box to several channels including events, companies, associations, institutions and a dedicated e-commerce portal.

Emiliabox is available in three different sizes: two “travel” sizes and a “bulkier” size. We can handle the international shipment for all sizes.

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What can be enjoyed in the Emiliabox?Emiliabox3

A selection of products exclusively “Made in Emilia” in packages and sizes designed and manufactured to get a taste of the excellent food, tastes and flavours of our region:

/ Parmigiano Reggiano
/ Balsamic vinegar
/ Parmigiano Reggiano snacks
/ Strolghino salami
/ Pork greaves
/ Zucchella plum jam
/ Noodles pie

Emiliabox is Emilia to…

A selection of combined products characteristic of the region
For a taste of the typical flavors of the Emilian area

The products are stored in an exclusive package
Perfect to be given on special occasions

The package is convenient, practical and easy to carry on
It can be also shipped abroad


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