About us

Eatbit was born in late 2013, as a result of a dream of its founding members and almost two years of work, bringing high quality gourmet food products to new markets through a simple, high-level, comprehensive and affordable proposal composed of genuine Italian products mostly targeted to foreign customers.

The Eatbit group is 100% Emilian. It is composed of two young partners and several collaborators with different roles and responsibilities among themselves working together on a common, innovative and ambitious project, bringing expertise, dynamism, value and desire to create something exclusive in the wine and food fields, adapting their products and services to the requirements of a fast growing business.

The main characteristics shared by every youngster in the Eatbit’s group are vertical expertise in different sectors, experience in dealing with many types of customers, willingness to work with quality tools and skills, self-confidence, focusing on the individual’s and the group’s needs.

Among the features of the company is the one to be registered as an innovative start-up, by the will and capacity of the founders and partners to bring to the market the quality of Italian tradition under completely new ways and proposals.

The main sales channel is the e-commerce portal with its simple and elegant layout, which intends to thrill and involve the customer in a nice shopping experience and in tasting the essence of typical Italian products from the time of selection. After making the purchase online through their computer or mobile device, the purchase will be delivered to the customer’s house and can be ready in a few minutes.

The e-commerce food sector of traditional Italian products is still inactive in relation to individuals living outside Italy. The main reasons are the presence of strong international groups such as major competitors, which are already well organized to export, the numerous bureaucratic obstacles of Italian law regarding trading activities of foods and drinks, poor transportation organization and issues related to the high price of the final product if produced by hand and proven high quality.

Its innovation capacity has allowed Eatbit to create a service focused on non-Italian individuals, guiding the customer to select and order products to eat at home, offering suggestions on preselected items via an experienced Italian chef who collaborates operationally to the project, solving the problem of sending a small amount of products while keeping an affordable price despite the quantity and price of the products part of the commercial offer.

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